Terms and Conditions for Online Booking Engine

Terms and Conditions for online booking of Skoda Rapid car with an authorized dealer of Skoda Auto India Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as 'SAIPL')

The Skoda Rapid car will be available in Active, Ambition and Elegance variants in diesel and petrol versions. The detailed specifications and features of the Skoda Rapid Car are available on the official website of SAIPL - www.skoda-auto.co.in. The customers are requested to thoroughly read and understand all specifications, features posted in the official website before making his choice. The price, specifications and features of the Skoda Rapid Car are subject to change without prior intimation and at the discretion of SAIPL. For any additional information and latest updates on the Skoda Rapid Car, the prospective customers are requested to contact any authorized dealer of SAIPL.

The online booking system will facilitate the prospective customers in faster booking of the Skoda Rapid car of choice in a secured environment and at their convenience.

The Customer would be able to make an online payment towards booking for the Skoda Rapid car only through a valid transaction and by submitting required information on the online process as available on www.skoda-auto.co.in.

  1. Acceptance of payment towards booking
    1. A Person will be able to apply for one or more Skoda Rapid cars and the person will be required to pay booking amount for as many cars as the person intends to book.
    2. 'Person' means and includes any Individual / Firm / Proprietorship/ Company etc. Skoda Rapid car can be ordered by Individuals / Firms / Proprietorships / Companies etc. (hereinafter referred to as the 'Customer')
    3. The Customer needs to provide accurate information in filling the form online and will be required to submit documents at the Authorized Skoda Auto Dealership (hereinafter referred to as 'Dealership'), when required for a completing the car purchase/order.
    4. The Customer will be required to submit and complete formalities by providing photocopies of PAN card, Address proof, Driving license and other documents as needed by the Authorized SAIPL Dealership for completing the booking and subsequently sale. All document originals will need to be produced at the time of taking delivery of Skoda Rapid car. In case Customer does not have any of the above-mentioned proofs, he should submit copy of any other valid photo identity proof duly attested by a gazetted officer and mention the details of the same on the form. For online payment, the details are to be filled at the relevant section and will have to be produced at the time of delivery. If the Customer fails to comply with these conditions, the dealership with whom the order is placed reserves the right to deny the delivery of the Skoda Rapid car.
    5. Any information of the Customer may be shared with the government if any authority calls upon SAIPL to do so, or as may be prescribed under applicable law.
    6. Acceptance of bookings/advance payment is taken on behalf of the dealership by Automotive Exchange Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as 'Agency'), and is merely an indication of an intention to sell on part of the Dealership and does not result in a Booking or Contract of sale.
    7. After completing the form and a valid online payment transaction, the system will generate a reference number for the receipt of payment towards the booking amount. The Customer can use that payment reference number to communicate with the Dealership and for any future communication.
    8. The amount collected online is only part of the Booking Amount and the balance will need to be paid to the selected Dealership within 7 days. Only after receipt of the entire booking amount will the booking be binding according to the booking terms and conditions of the Dealership. Until then the amount received is merely a request on part of the Customer and an indication of an intention to sell on part of the Dealership and does not result in a booking confirmation or contract of sale.
    9. Only after the booking request is accepted and completed as per the process at the Dealership and a Customer Order generated will the Booking be considered complete and binding as per the Booking terms and conditions available at the said Dealership. Should the booking fail to be accepted and / or completed there will be no financial implications to SAIPL, its Agency or the Dealership.
    10. In case of failure on part of the Customer to pay the balance of the booking amount in the next 7 days to the selected Dealership, SAIPL or Dealership reserves the right to cancel the booking without any liability towards the Customer (please see article 4 below, for refund conditions).
    11. The Customer agrees that the Dealership shall not be deemed to have accepted the booking of the Customer or be bound by the booking until Dealership notifies the Customer of its acceptance of the booking subject to the terms and conditions, contained herein and the terms and conditions of Booking as per Dealership
    12. The booking is non-transferable and only the Customer would be eligible to the buy the car if booking is accepted and confirmed by the Dealership.
    13. The online booking engine is available at www.skoda-auto.co.in whereas technology, process and backend is powered by Agency.
    14. The payment amount for the Skoda Rapid car will be mentioned once the Customer makes choices as such as Dealership, car variant, color and city. The payment amount can be paid online using debit card / credit card or using Internet banking.
    15. The price shown online is the 'ex-showroom' price and is subject to statutory levies, taxes, insurance etc. The final 'on-road' price can be availed at the dealership on request and the prices may be subject to change on the date of delivery. By choosing to pay online towards the booking the Customer agrees to abide by the local laws governing sale of cars.
    16. The amount paid online by the Customer will be transferred to the Dealership as selected by the Customer within 3 working days from the receipt of online payment.
    17. The booking details as submitted by the Customer are notified to the Dealerships in real time through email and software communication.
    18. Delivery of the variant, fuel type, transmission type or color preference given by the Customer may be affected by production constraints. In case the Dealership is not able to match the preference of the customer it will alternatively offer to the Customer other available variant. Any differential amount applicable thereof will be adjusted at the time of the delivery.
    19. Ex-Showroom price of the Skoda Rapid car will vary depending upon the variant and color choice and the city where the delivery is to be made. The ex-showroom prices applicable to your city on date of booking will be available at the SAIPL website www.skoda-auto.co.in.
    20. SAIPL shall have the right to revise the specification, standard fitment and / or accessories for the Skoda Rapid car or introduce new versions of the variants, allotted to the Customer, which will be binding on the Customer.
  2. Delivery of Skoda Rapid car
    1. Customer will be informed of payment receipt confirmation or cancellation. The Dealership will not be responsible if delivery of the Skoda Rapid car is delayed beyond the tentative availability due to any reason beyond its control. In such case, the Dealership will intimate the revised delivery period to the Customer on the contact details provided at the time of online payment. The dealership will not be liable to pay interest or any other compensation to the Customer in such cases.
    2. The Customer can also contact the Dealership indicated for the purpose of taking delivery. SAIPL would not be responsible for delay/ non-receipt of communication by Customer due to incorrect address, given in the Online booking form or otherwise.
    3. The Dealership set out in the Online Booking confirmation as selected by the Customer during the online booking process will make delivery of the Skoda Rapid car.
    4. SAIPL reserves the right to change the Dealership for the purposes of the delivery of the Skoda Rapid car.
    5. The said Dealership will advise the expected / tentative delivery date to the Customer as soon this information is available with the said Dealership.
    6. In the event of any unforeseen circumstance, Acts of God or Force majeure delivery period may be subject to change. This will be informed to the Customer directly by the Dealership or its representing Agency.
    7. Under no circumstances will SAIPL, Agency and dealership be liable towards any financial implication or Interest penalty including but not limited to delays not in their control.
  3. Cancellation
    1. Customer needs to contact selected dealership for any matters pertaining to Cancellations and refunds which are governed by relevant terms and conditions.
  4. Refund in case of Booking Cancelled
    1. The online payment amount of Rs. 5,000 (Rupees Five Thousand only) is fully refundable in the event of cancellation prior to confirmation of booking.
    2. Once the Booking is confirmed by the dealership all refunds / cancellations etc. will be governed by the terms and conditions of Booking / Sale as agreed upon with the dealership.
    3. All refunds will be issued only by the dealership directly towards the Customer's name as on records. There will be no liability to SAIPL or Agency under any circumstances whatsoever.
    4. Under no circumstances will there be any assumption or payments towards interest and / or any other financial implications or obligations.
  5. General
    1. SAIPL or its Agency or Dealership will not be responsible for delay, loss or non- receipt of online booking information or any other form of submission not contemplated herein.
    2. Booking from minors will not be accepted.
    3. Booking is open only for the Indian residents.
    4. SAIPL reserves the right to change the variants, variant names and specifications at its own discretion and will make reasonable efforts to keep the Customer informed before the completion of the sales process.
    5. SAIPL or its representing Agency or Dealerships will not assume any liability for any inability or failure on their part in executing any order registered by any Customer on account of any causes, constituting a force majeure or otherwise, beyond their control.
    6. In event of demise of Customer, the booking / Allotment / retention stands cancelled and will be refunded as per refund terms mentioned.
    7. In any case of dispute, inconvenience or loss, Customer agrees to indemnify SAIPL, its representing Agency or Dealerships.
    8. The total joint or individual liability of SAIPL, its representing agency or Dealerships will under no circumstances exceed the payments received online.
    9. Any dispute relating to enforcement, interpretation or application of these terms and conditions will be subject to Courts at Aurangabad alone to the exclusion of all others.
    10. SAIPL reserves the right to alter any terms and conditions/ or the process itself clause at its sole discretion as and when considered necessary. Reasonable efforts will be made to keep Customer informed as soon as possible.